Warrah Trig
A wildflower showcase in Brisbane Water National Park

Warrah Trig (trigonometrical survey point) is located between Pearl Beach and Patonga in Brisbane Water National Park, on the southern end of the NSW Central Coast (Australia).

The area is a wildflower showcase, with more than 150 species of flowering plants identified, and as many as 60 in flower at any one time during the months of July and August.

The Warrah Trig area is unusually accessible. Almost all of these flowers can be seen from a car along the sides of the track in the few hundred metres of mostly level ground between Patonga Dr and the trig point carpark.

This makes Warrah Trig a great destination for the whole family – for the old, for the young and for the disabled.

This website aims to enhance the appreciation of the great natural resource that Warrah Trig represents.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has warned that waratahs are close to extinction on Patonga Dr near Warrah Trig and has called for community assistance.


Several walking trails exist from Warrah Trig - to Pearl Beach, Patonga, and Woy Woy. The track between Warrah Trig and Patonga Dr is officially part of the Great North Walk, a 250 kilometre bush walking track linking Sydney city with the Hunter Valley and Newcastle.
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Insects of Warrah Trig


Warrah Trig has been the site for a number of scientific studies, including

A new Australian species of communal ground nesting wasp, Spilomena Subterranea ...

Fire Effects on Seed Release and the Emergence and Establishment ...

Corroboree Behaviour of New Holland and White-cheeked Honeyeaters